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BSC Step-by-step New Member Information

Thank you for considering membership in BSC (Blackbeard Sailing Club). We invite those active sailors to become members based on the following requirements and process.

BSC is a private club restricted to a maximum of 200 members. We are a ‘self-help’ club, and we do not have paid staff, dock master or maintenance people. Membership carries an obligation to contribute to the improvement of the club at our two annual work days by participating on a team and completing an improvement project. There are also additional opportunities to work on special projects and to participate actively in the many club activities.

  1. To receive an application for membership you will need two current members to sponsor you and who agree to mentor your first year of membership. BSC’s nomination requires your sponsors to have more than a passing acquaintance with you.

  2. Potential members are encouraged to attend BSC’s workdays and social events where you will have a chance to meet some current members. If you would like to attend an event and do not have a sponsor, please contact our Membership Committee and they will assist you with introductions.

  3. The membership application process can only be completed when there are membership vacancies. Once an application is accepted by the Membership Committee, the applicant’s names, and a brief sailing biography, are provided to the current BSC membership. The Membership Committee will schedule an interview to evaluate your interest in BSC, your sailing experience, and the potential contributions you can make. It is an informal session, usually taking about 45 minutes. A link to the membership application is here.

  4. Following the interview, a recommendation is made to the Board of Directors. If the membership application is accepted a welcome letter will be sent to you explaining the on-boarding process and when orientation will occur.

  5. Payment of initiation fees and quarterly dues is required before attending orientation. New members will receive more information about BSC including how to access the facilities. Your first workday will include your assisting the serving of a prepared lunch to the club members in attendance giving you an opportunity to meet many of them.

Please note: Membership does not guarantee a wet slip or dry slip space and only when you become a member can you apply for a slip. Slips are assigned depending on the boat size and availability. Wet slip cost is per the slip size. We have a fixed quarterly fee for wet and/or dry slips. We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact a Board member, one of the Membership Committee members, or the Commodore.

Contact information can be found on the website under About BSC and then select Contact.

Start with your membership documents here.

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